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English Essay


Write a story ending with, ‘I realised that every word that she said was true.’
( Honestly, I was not prepared at that time.. Here is my work.. ^^)

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The sun was sinking slowly below the horizon, giving the sky a dim orange colour amidst the dark which began to engulf the surroundings. Firdaus was strolling down the beach, there he was all by himself, lonely and confused. The sound of waves along the shore really calming and the gentle breeze caressed him, yet he still could not feel the peace that he should be feeling at that moment. His eyes suddenly became watery, obscuring his sight and he let his man’s cry went slowly as he was unable to overcome his disappointment. Bit by bit, he reminisced about his cloudy past, where an incident had happened, costing his friend’s life…
        “ I told you Firdaus, I did not do that thing! How can I betray my own friend just like that?” protested Ainur, her eyes became welled with tears.
        Firdaus shrugged his shoulder. He let his eyes rolled up and stared intently at Ainur with a stern look on his face. Clearly, he was in rage and his egoism had been at the climax. Ainur lost, she hung her head low. She could not meet his gaze. Firdaus clenched his fists in frustration.
        It was recess time and Firdaus was shocked to see his favourite storybook all tore into pieces on his own desk. He had also lost RM200 cash from his wallet which was left open. His identity card and all his belongings in the wallet were in a mess. All his classmates surrounded him, everyone expressed a confused look. One of them said that this must be the doings of his enemy as Firdaus was really a prominent prefect. He was responsible and dedicated in terms of enforcing the school rules. Whoever breaks the school rules, he or she will never get away with the punishment. Firdaus will never let that happen easily as for him, “School rules are created not to be destroyed.” Many pupils hated that principle. Well, it really sounds like physics stuff.
        On that very day, a sudden ‘spot check’ was carried out with the cooperation of all prefects and disciplinary teachers of the school. Everyone was shocked, or frankly to say, most of them were mad as many of them brought forbidden stuffs to school. This includes MP3’s and handphones. Surprisingly, it turned out to be that his ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting card which was small-sized, together with his lost cash was inside his friend’s school bag. What make him real shocked was when he knew that the person was a girl and she was Ainur, her study group friend next his class. Overcome with his emotion, he was confirmed and too sure that Ainur was the culprit as she was detained recently for arriving late to school. She was really mad at him at that time and scolded him back for jotting down her name into his prefect’s book. She said Firdaus was extremely mean and she called him stupid.
        Firdaus was too convinced that Ainur did that bad doings. He stormed into her class and scolded her with an utmost anger. Ainur was really shocked and she defended herself profusely, saying that she did not know a thing about that. She also said that she was betrayed and someone might be planning to make their life miserable as she received a red letter containing vulgar words. However, Firdaus could not accept a word from her. He continued his recessive action until Ainur gave up to an outburst of cry. The other pupils only dared to watch the emotional drama as they did not know what to do.
        Ainur was really sad with that silly accusation. She ran away from the class and in a blink of eye, a loud scream was heard. Everyone rushed outside only to see that Ainur was on the ground floor, lying unconscious. She was believed to have fallen from her quick steps and what other students saw, she was crying before she lost her balance while descending the stairs. Firdaus could not believe what he had just saw and he knelt down to the ground. There was hot stream flowing down his cheeks. Ainur was admitted into the hospital and she was believed to have knocked her head hard on the wall when she fell. She was still in comma.
         That night, Firdaus could not sleep as he regretted what he did. He was the cause of the incident. If only he was a bit patient... If only he was calm enough not to scold her… All this might not happen. He tossed himself restlessly on his bed and only finally slept in an obligation. The next morning, he had a bad fever and did not go to school. He was struck with that illness in a week’s time.
        By the time he reached school next week, he was shocked to receive news that Ainur was dead as she suffered from too much internal bleeding. The school authorities decided not to tell him as they were worried about his health at that moment. Firdaus was utterly dumbfounded. He could not cry but stood rooted to the ground at his class. All his friends tried to console him with motivational advice and said that it was not his fault. Firdaus could not receive all those persuading words. He was in utmost disappointment. His grief was unfathomable.
        Firdaus woke up from his hallucination condition. Now, he could not see the sun anymore and his surroundings were in total darkness. He realized that it was already night but it seemed that all his happiness had been taken together by the loss of the sun. He unfolded his letter which was given by Ainur’s friend, the real culprit. She decided to confess everything to him shortly after Ainur’s demise.
Dear Firdaus,
        I am really sorry because I had caused both of you to be in such a terrible condition. I confessed it was my doing. It was me who stole your money and tore your storybook. I was really jealous because Ainur likes you. She was innocent in this matter. 
        Firdaus threw the letter into the shore. He was really sad to accept the fact. If he could return the past, he was sure not to act before investigating thoroughly. He knelt down at the beach, saying that, “I realised that every word that she said was true.”

I think my SPM essay was better and more emotional.. =D

“ Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion. He instructs you, that you may receive admonition.”
(Al-Nahl: 90)

Well, based on the story, we can see that Firdaus was really distraught and was unable to forgive himself for the tragedy that struck Ainur. He blamed himself for what had happened to Ainur. He also thought that he was the cause of Ainur’s demise. If only he could return the past, he must surely become a bit rational and not to do rushing actions.
In our everyday life, we tend to be too emotional when something is not right until we inevitably do weird actions. Remember, anything that we think is the right action is not necessarily true. It may turn out to be the opposite and be the most regretful decision in our life, eternally. Just believe that satan is always trying to seduce us towards destruction and make us become far from the truth (Allah’s blessings).

“ Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal…”

Back to basic, back to our Most Forgiving Lord. A great human is not the one who is always on the right path but he is the one who humbly and sincerely repent for his never-ending sins to Allah, pray for his everlasting protection and bliss. He is also the one who return to the right path and never be fooled again by his past mistakes.

“And those who, having done something to be ashamed of, or wronged their own souls, earnestly bring Allah to mind, and ask for forgiveness for their sins -and who can forgive sins except Allah? -and are never obstinate in persisting knowingly in (the wrong) they have done.”
(Al-Imran: 135)

Exemplary character he is, Firdaus indeed was a dedicated, responsible, and kind student. He was actually shocked with the sudden chaos which happened to his belongings and was unable to think rationally before taking further action. Well, this is blatantly one of human traits as each human being was never created to be perfect. Human can only migrate or change towards the better with Allah’s wills. Only Allah is perfect…Allahu Akbar!


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