Sunday, 23 November 2014

Technology. How it totally transforms your life.

Assalamualaikum and hello.
I really miss my childhood time.
I spent most of my leisure time either reading or playing.
The mastermind of everything was my elder sister.
We played hide and seek.
We played chess and dam haji.
We played video games together.
(Not playstation, my father didn’t buy one. Haha)
New Contra, Tetris, SuperMario, Tank, etc.
All those NES legend games.
Sometimes we did disturb our mother. How sweet.

On top of all that, there’s one meaningful thing.
We really didn’t care about internet because there’s no Wi-Fi at home.
But it’s the contra today.
Whenever I’m at home for semester break, everyone holds a smart phone.
Even my 3 year old brother knows to demand for a ‘real’ phone.
“Aqil tak suka yang mak beli ni, ada bunyi je, Aqil nak yang boleh call…”
Wow. I really couldn’t believe my ears. How smart.
I didn’t scold him, I just let out a burst of laughter.

Well, just look at toddlers nowadays.
Most parents ‘award’ them tablets to play, ipad or even just the cheap brand.
Of course they will get accustomed to gadgets and have the feeling that they really need to depend on those gadgets.
It’s just the same to us, especially students in college.
Smart phones and laptops are like clothes for us.
I can say that laptops are needed to do assignments because it is a burden to visit cybercaf├ęs frequently.
Or a more solid excuse,
“Kalau tak ada laptop, tak dapat main dota!”
How about smart phones?
Do we really need one to communicate?
“Phone tiga tiga skupang buat baling anj*** pun berguna tau!”
“Phone kau boleh bend pastu rosak?”
Is it really tempting to install all those apps?
 Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc.
You decide.

Back to basic, we are told to think that internet really gives benefits to us.
Information research, communication, online business, etc.
Personally, I don’t deny that.
It’s just how it can transform our life routine, our productivity.
Too much time spent for social media can ruin a student’s life.
Not necessarily.
Too much time spent for other things which are not related to internet stuff may also ruin you.

My inner thoughts are dreaming that our world will revert to old times.
No internet and gadgets.
Just ‘true’ people appreciating each other.

“Maksud kau, macam zaman Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad ke?”

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