Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Gamer Girl’s Inner Battle

Her courtesies, the high esteem in which she holds herself and others, and her sincere words of praise and thoughtfulness will reflect her strong values and place her ahead in the minds and hearts of those who know her. Being thought of as a "lady" may be the one of the highest compliments a woman can receive in her life.

Not all women are ladies.
A woman is born, but a lady is shaped to become one.
A lady is full of charm, ethics and intellect.
A lady is a goddess for her man.

Most gamers are harsh.
That’s why majority of gamers are boys.
Well, could a gamer girl become a lady?
I personally think a gamer girl could become a lady.
“Nak username awok plisss…”
Maybe just physically, never completely.
I happened to take several quiz regarding genders’ ways of thinking.
Not surprisingly, most of the results claimed that I am more like a man.
No wonder I do more males’ hobbies than females’ hobbies.
No wonder I could understand my male friends better.
I am proud to say that I usually able to backup them if any misunderstandings happen among my female friends.
Sounds legit.
However, things come at a price.
I fail to share the same interest with girls.
Most of the time.
Whenever they go gossiping about latest dramas or k-pop artists, I’m done!
But when I received pictures about football, cars or games, then I’m high!
I don’t feel annoyed when people call me weird.
Well everyone is weird.
If you are not weird, then you are boring people.
Damn the mainstream.

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