Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Compliments and Appreciation

Assalamualaikum and hello.
How far do you respond to compliments from your friends or anyone related to your life?
Do you value them and express your appreciation to those people?
Or, do you avoid expressing your true elation by denying the compliments?
Thanks weh bagi pinjam buku kau. Serius aku dapat faham mende aku belajar selama ni.”
Well, how should you respond to this example of compliment?
I believe most of us will appreciate this compliment.
How far do we actually return or respond to it?
How good are we?
Hahaha. Aku salin sebijik je nota macam dalam kuliah. Tak membantu apa pun.”  
Oh okay. It’s my pleasure to help.”
Which one do you think is better?
Psychologically, appreciation overwhelms hearts and emotions.
However, not everyone is gifted with the skill to express their level of appreciation.
Basically there are only two possibilities; whether positive or negative expression.
Referring to the above example, the first one is a negative expression.
The person did appreciate, but denied the compliment.
Negative expression usually occurs due to factors like low self-esteem, egoism, and the fear of rejection.
In fact, the person who gives the compliment will feel awkward and a bit embarrassed.
He or she will try to continue convincing the compliment to be truly helpful or give up and feel frustrated.
Clearly, the second response is an example of positive expression.
Don’t you think it’s nice?
Both the person who gives the compliment and the person who receive the compliment feel happy.
I had once experienced a rejected compliment.
Seriously, I did feel frustrated and a bit weird.
Why deny the truth when it is?
It’s just like you don’t believe that you’re a girl when you’re.
In simplicity, try to appreciate compliments from other people and respond to them nicely.
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Salam Ramadan =)

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