Saturday, 18 July 2015

Nosy People

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It is crucial to note that nosy here is not meant by having a nose.
Having a nose does not necessarily indicate ‘bitchiness’.
“Ha ha. Kelakar.”
Why being nosy is bitch?
Nosy people irritate others.
Nosy people discourage others.
Nosy people manipulate others.
“Anak kau kerja apa? Gaji besar ke? Dah agak dah kos tu tak bagus, ramai menganggur.”
“Bila nak kahwin? Kenapa tak kahwin lagi?Jangan memilih nanti sampai kesudah tak laku.”
It is really bad to mind others’ businesses thoroughly.
You can’t expect to know every single detail about what people do in their lives.
If you want to know badly about something, ask simple questions just to obtain info.
No need to ask why, why, and why.
Different people have different ways to think and choices to pick.
Different people have different paths to lead and goals to achieve.
Have a blissful life without disturbing others.
“Kenapa saya tak kahwin lagi?Saya tunggu makcik kahwin buat kali yang kedua dulu. Hehe"
Happy Eid.

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